Being thankful...


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Wow...how my life goes!!! It was a difficult time for us...we lost our home, lost our company and our beloved father and mother in law..and also many dearest friends.

We have learned, I have learned that life is a puzzle..and some times it's hard to fit the pieces together..but at the end..it will work out in a beautiful way.

We shall lost again, we shall overcome some trouble...but one thing, an important thing is: stick together, hold eachothers hand...stay close to eachother.

Cause two can do more than one. I am glad to have my husband..I could'nt survive without him.

He was my rock, in the darkest time of my life. And I know...together we can handle everything.

My husband, written in my heart..my rock, my love forever!!! Of course we do nothing without our beautiful little boy Menno Joey Scherpenhuysen...

He made me smile when I had a hard time, he putted his little arms around me and said: everything is gonna be just ok!! So I am very proud of both...very proud of having them in my life!!

But also our family and our friends who helped us, to get trough this..I am thankfull of having them in my life!! My heart is big enough for you all...and in my heart you all will stay forever!!!♥

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