A little girl...

girl, angel, learn, day, month, our, change, beautiful, light, shining, body, soul, mind, heart

...small and tiny, fragile like porcelain... she thought no one would like her, no one would care if she packed her backs and would walk out the door. So one day she did, she took her back, with all she needed...A pencil, a book and some clothes. 

She started to walk, she had no idea where she would end up, but she kept on walkin' for ours, days, months...

She learned how to survive, she became one with nature. The quietness' in her heart, mind, body and soul kept her a life in the dark time she thought she was. 

On the end of the road she saw a bright light, a bright shining light...an angel appeared...
She looked at the angel and asked...why am I so sad? Why do I feel all alone? 
The Angels answered in a sweet voice...she said: My dear one, Love yourself, feel the beauty within' you.. Spread your wings and fly like an eagle high upon the beautiful sky and let the world know how beautiful you are.
The little girl started to cry, and the beautiful angel approached her, touched her hand, touched her heart. A smile appeared on her face and she felt it..she felt the love for herself, the love and light within' her.

She started to run, so fast as she can, she wanted to go home. It almost looked like she was flying..high upon the sky.
Even though she was months away from home...her parents, family and friends were waiting for her to come back. They were crying, they were so glad she came home. When they saw her, they something different about her, her light was shining so bright it almost blinded you. Her mom and dad opened their arms to hold her close...
With a big smile she said: I am beautiful ♥

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